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Musical Instrument Repair
High quality repairs for woodwind and percussion instruments
flute djembe drum clarinet

In addition to providing live music and music lessons, Summerglen is proud to offer high-quality instrument repairs as well. We accept both small and large repairs--from a quick drum tuneup to a complete woodwind repad--and everything in between!

We repair the following instruments:
  • Flutes and piccolos
  • Clarinets
  • Saxophones
  • Hand drums
  • Drumset
  • Orchestral percussion instruments
Our repair services include:
  • Replacing worn pads, corks, and felts
  • Play Condition - Clean, level keys, reseat pads, oil, and adjust
  • Full repad - All new pads, plus a Play Condition
  • Drum tuning
  • Drumhead replacement
  • Fabricate and install custom calfskin heads on any drum

Quick Price List:

    Here is a brief overview of our services and prices. In addition to these general services, we also do many other specific repairs and always keep our prices fair! :)

    Flute and piccolo:
    • Replace worn pads: $8 per pad
    • Play Condition: $40-50
    • Full Repad: from $190
    • Replace worn pads: $8-10 per pad
    • Replace tenon cork: $15 per cork
    • Play Condition: $50-70
    • Full Repad: from $200
    • Replace worn pads: $8-15 per pad
    • Replace neck cork: $20 per cork
    • Play Condition: $70-90
    • Full Repad: from $300
    • Djembe head replacement: $2 per vertical + cost of skin
    • Drum tuning: $5 per drum, or FREE if you take a lesson
    • Custom calfskin heads: $2 per inch up to 22 inches. For drums over 22 inches, call for a quote.