Summerglen Music - Music Lessons and Live Music in Raleigh, NC
Summerglen Music Services
Summerglen Music serves the Raleigh, NC area with high-quality live performances, music education, and creativity workshops. Below are brief descriptions of our musical offerings, and links to pages describing our services in greater detail.

Music Education
Summerglen offers private music lessons, clinics, and masterclasses for people of all ages who want to learn more about making music. Private lessons are held at Summerglen Music Studio in Raleigh, and clinics can be held at any location in North Carolina. Our goal is to help you discover, develop, and enjoy your signature sound in a positive and supportive environment!

Summerglen Music offers beautiful live music for parties, weddings, open houses, and other special events in North Carolina. We specialize in tailoring our performance to create an atmosphere that is uniquely YOU. Summerglen Musicians Christina Thompson and N. Andrew Munger are also available for solo and freelance work, recording, and composition.

Precision Woodwind and Brass Repair
Nothing makes playing music more fun than having a finely-tuned instrument at your fingertips. Christina has devoted years to learning the art and science of repairing instruments, and strives to bring you highest levels of precision and care at reasonable prices.

What's Up at the 'Glen?
Check out our original music!
Our latest CD, Silent Evening Scenes, is available for download at Bandcamp! Or, if you'd like to experience the hypnotic mellowness of Summerglen in person, check out our Shows page to learn when we'll be playing near you!

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