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One of the best tools for learning music is the metronome. One drawback of the metronome, however, is that you have to set the speeds manually - not good for gradually speeding up your tempo. Here are 3 MIDI files of a click track gradually speeding up over 100 measures. Use it for practicing rudiments, scales, or difficult passages. MIDI files will play in most audio player programs. Right-click to download to your computer. Searching for your perfect 3 minute rudiment? Here's a trainer metronome to help you out - count off at 40 bpm, one minute to get to 110, hold it for a minute, and one minute back down to 40. Lock it in and impress your friends (or contest judges). Drum Rudiments Video (Andrew performs all 40 rudiments at 80bpm!)

Want more percussion stuff? Check out Andrew's YouTube Channel!