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Musical Instrument Repair
High quality repairs for woodwind, brass, and hand drums
flute clarinet

In addition to providing live music and music lessons, Summerglen is proud to offer high-quality instrument repairs as well. We accept both small and large repairs--from a quick tuneup to a complete woodwind repad--and everything in between!

We repair the following instruments:
  • Flutes and piccolos
  • Clarinets
  • Saxophones
  • Trumpets and cornets
  • Trombones
  • Hand drums (djembes, bongos, etc.)
Our repair services include:
  • Replacing worn pads, corks, and felts
  • Play Condition - Clean, level keys, reseat pads, oil, and adjust
  • Full repad - All new pads and key corks, plus a Play Condition
  • Dent work
  • Resoldering broken joints
  • Slide and valve work
  • Replacing broken drum heads
  • Repairing cracks and bearing edges on hand drums
  • and more!

Quick Price List:

    Here is a brief overview of several common repairs and their prices. In addition to these general services, we also do many other specific repairs and always keep our prices fair.

    Flute and piccolo:
    • Replace worn pads: from $10 per pad
    • Replace headjoint cork: $20
    • Play Condition: from $65
    • Full Repad: from $250
    • Replace worn pads: from $10 per pad
    • Replace tenon cork: $15 per cork
    • Play Condition: from $65
    • Full Repad: from $250
    • Replace worn pads: $10-25 per pad
    • Replace neck cork: $25 per cork
    • Play Condition: from $75
    • Full Repad: from $450
    • Resolder broken joints: $25 per joint
    • Water key repairs: from $15
    • Dent work: from $25 per dent
    • Restring trombone rotor: $25
    • Play Condition: from $65
    Hand Drums:
    • Replace broken heads: market cost of head plus $2 per vertical
    • (This repair usually costs between $100-$150.)
    • Repair cracks or uneven bearing edges: by estimate only