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Music Education at Summerglen
Many people yearn to begin playing an instrument or to become better musicians, but have trouble turning their dreams into reality. Learning to play an instrument is a demanding process, and often, problems arise that make the process difficult and frustrating.
Do you...
  • want to sound like your favorite musicians but don't know how?
  • feel lost when it comes to reading music, composing, or improvising?
  • feel like everyone else in your band or section plays better than you do?
  • have difficulty with practicing your instrument?
  • feel "stuck" in your musical development?
  • want to begin playing an instrument but aren't sure how to start?
Taking private lessons with an experienced musician can be the solution to these problems, and can make playing much more fun. When you work with a private teacher, you have a partner who cares about your musical journey and knows how to enhance your learning experience.
A private music teacher can show you how to:
  • develop a beautiful sound and good technique on your instrument
  • create an effective practice routine and stick to it
  • read music, compose, and improvise more easily
  • devise musical goals and specific ways to attain them
  • cultivate your signature sound and style
  • enjoy the way you play!
We at Summerglen Music invite you to leave your problems behind and start achieving your musical goals!

We are experienced professional musicians who serve the Raleigh, NC community with private lessons in:
  • trombone
  • euphonium/baritone
  • drumset
  • percussion (mallets, hand drums, world music)
Our Philosophy
We believe that all people of all ages can find success and enjoyment through musical study. Practicing and learning a musical instrument gives people the unique opportunity to observe themselves improving an ability over time. The miracle of being able to do something that one couldn't do yesterday is an intensely positive and motivating experience! At Summerglen, we believe that success, not stress, is the #1 motivator for people to practice their instruments. As such, we show our students how the work they do can bring them musical success, and how to do that work more easily and efficiently. We believe that students benefit from having a teacher who understands and values them as people. Our lessons take place in a fun and relaxed environment that encourages a spirit of creative exploration and individual expression. We strive to get to know our students, and tailor each lesson to fit each student's personality and learning style. We do everything in our power to enrich the lives of our students through successful musical experiences.

Our fees are:
$15 for a 15-minute lesson (online only)
$30 for ½ hour lesson (online or in person)
$60 for a 1-hour lesson (in person only)
How lessons work
For most students, a 30-minute weekly lesson is an excellent fit. 15-minute lessons are best suited to elementary-aged students in their first or second year of playing, while 60-minute lessons work best for more advanced students who want to prepare for auditions or study their instrument more in-depth.

For more details on how lessons at Summerglen work, please read our studio policy.

Please fill out our lesson information form if you would like more information about music lessons at Summerglen. We look forward to working with you!

What's Up at the 'Glen?
It's Lesson Time!
All-District auditions are right around the corner...and we'd love to help you bring your music to the next level! Book your lesson times now, and get focused one-on-one help with your scales, solo, and sightreading. We offer lessons both in-person and online, so you can learn in an environment of your choice!

Online Trombone, Percussion, Drumset Lessons