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Summerglen Music Lesson Policies
To work efficiently and provide the maximum benefits of music instruction, Summerglen Music asks each parent and student to understand and follow these policies.
Lesson Scheduling
Lessons are scheduled at the mutual agreement of instructor and client, subject to the availability of open lesson times. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all lessons are meeting online using a platform of the student's choice.

Lessons meet on Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, teacher workdays, and year-round Track-Outs. If you are unsure whether lessons will be held, please contact the instructor.
Fees and Payment
Our fees are:
$15 for a 15-minute lesson
$30 for ½ hour lesson
If you pay for 4 or more lessons in advance, you will receive a discounted rate of $25 per half hour or $14 per 15-minute lesson.
You have two payment options:
  • Pay for each lesson on a weekly basis, or
  • Pay at the first lesson of the month for the upcoming month's lessons.
You may pay with cash, check, credit card, Venmo, or PayPal. There is a $25.00 charge for returned checks.
Lesson Expectations
Promptness is requested. If a student is late for a lesson, he/she will lose the time he/she is late.

Bring all current books, materials, and notebook for assignments.

Assignments given in lessons are expected to be completed. Consistent practice is expected of all students.

Students are required to purchase music books and other accessories for their lessons. These materials must be purchased in a timely manner.
Lesson Attendance
If a student must miss a lesson, prior notice must be given at least 24 hours before the lesson time.

Lessons missed without prior notice will be charged in full. No refunds are given for missed lessons.

If your instructor must miss a lesson, credit for another lesson will be given.
The Role of Parents
As a parent, you play an integral role in your child's musical development. By taking an interest in your child's lessons and reinforcing the importance of daily practice, you can help your child excel musically.

Parents are welcome to sit in on their child's lesson once a month. The teacher will use this time to help the parent understand the student's progress.

Withdrawal and Refunds
Students and parents must provide one month's notice to discontinue lessons. Please give notice directly to the instructor via telephone or e-mail.

Lessons may be terminated by the instructor at any time, particularly if the student:
  • is unprepared for two lessons during a month, or
  • demonstrates aggressive or disrespectful behavior toward the instructor
If lessons are terminated in the middle of a month, the remainder of that month's tuition will not be refunded.

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