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Christina Thompson, Trombonista and Technician!
Christina is an active professional musician in the Raleigh, NC area. She has been playing trombone since 1992, and holds a Bachelor of Music degree from East Carolina University and a Master of Music degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Christina's musical background is unique--she is a classically trained musician who spent many years playing trombone in punk bands!

As a young musician, Christina toured Europe and the United States performing with indie bands, ska bands, and jazz ensembles, and became fascinated with understanding the subtle differences and similarities among musical styles. Throughout her professional career, Christina has sought to expand her musical horizons further by performing with ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to salsa bands to trombone choirs.

One of the foundations of Christina's career is her deep commitment to music education. Christina has taught thousands of people the joy of making music, while on tour, in schools, and in private lessons. Christina's teaching approach centers on helping students establish good habits that can bring them a lifetime of musical enjoyment. In lessons, Christina helps students jumpstart their musical progress with problem solving and goal-setting strategies, develop solid practice habits, and gain a deeper understanding of both their instrument and themselves. This learning takes place in a relaxed, fun environment, where laughter is important and students' ideas are valued and explored!

In 2014, Christina embarked on a new path--an apprenticeship in band instrument repair at the legendary Marsh Woodwinds. Through this apprenticeship, Christina leveraged her experience as an educator to inform her repairs, and her understanding of repair to enhance her teaching. Since 2015, Christina has offered high-quality woodwind and brass repairs at Summerglen Music, and prides herself on bringing musicians greater success through precise, focused repairs. She is an active member of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT), where she regularly participates in continuing education to stay on the cutting edge of new developments in the band instrument world. Christina is committed to ensuring that all her clients--from the youngest beginner to the most seasoned professional--have instruments that play at their very best.

Sharing music with others is Christina's passion. Please email her if you need a trombonist, music teacher, or instrument repair technician !

Current Engagements
Summerglen - The world's only trombone/marimba/vocal duo, specializing in hypnotic, meditative musical soundscapes.

Raleigh Symphony - Performing standards of the orchestral repertoire and fun pops concerts several times yearly. Christina serves as 2nd trombonist.

Hayes Barton Baptist Church Brass Ensemble and Orchestra - Helping to create moving spiritual experiences through music. Christina serves as 1st trombonist.

E-mail Christina if you'd like to set up live music for your special event or artistic project!

Christina offers...

  • positive and productive private trombone lessons
  • precision band instrument repair
  • fun and effective coaching for trombone choirs, sections, and wind bands
  • freelance work (classical, salsa, beach, theatre/Broadway, soul, and ska styles)
  • short-notice, high-quality sub work
  • recording (in person and remote)
  • solo performances for private parties, galleries, weddings, church services, etc.
  • elegant trombone/marimba duo for weddings and special events
  • a trombone player for your unique musical experiment!