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We at Summerglen Music want to help you find the right musicians for your unique needs. If you're interested in speaking to the Summerglen musicians about live music for your event, please fill out this easy form. We will get in touch with you shortly!

Summerglen offers the following musical groups:
  • Trombonist - for solo performance, recording, or collaborating with your band
  • Percussionist - drumset, West African percussion, symphonic percussion
  • Jazz Trio, Quartet, or Quintet - Any combination of vibes, vocals, trombone, and rhythm section that you'd like!
  • Summerglen - Super mellow original trombone/marimba music (great for quiet settings like listening rooms, massage/yoga retreats, etc.)
  • Church of Dreams - Original electronic & drumset music (perfect for a bill of eclectic/indie music or an outdoor festival)
  • African Percussion Group - West African percussion for weddings and celebrations
  • Adult drum circle - Great for retreats or enhancing teamwork and creativity in your organization
  • Drum circle for kids - Fun activity for birthday parties, schools, or church groups
  • Coloring Stories Elementary School Presentation - Bringing reading to life with music for large & small school groups
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Summerglen Music is located in North Raleigh near Six Forks Road. Please call or email to make an appointment to visit our studio!